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Илья Лебедев

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Родился, вырос, научился программировать.

Сейчас работаю в компании Reksoft.

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, 2008/08/18 10:10

Скажите пожалуйста, хотим использовать Вашу клавиатуру для коммерческого использования. Сколько будет стоить убрать copyrights c нее?

, VK commercial version, 2008/10/05 18:58


My name is Ron Cohen and I'm building an interfaith site. The site provides the option to add text in multiple languages. I would like to examine the possibility to use virtual keyboard bundled with tinyMCE integrated with Drupal CMS.

I'm interested to know the fees associated with commercial use of VK. Please note that currently I'm funding the site myself and therefore my resources are limited. Here are my questions:

1. How much would it cost to use virtual keyboard without the embedded copyright statement? I'm willing to add copyright notice and a link to virtual keyboard site from a 'credits' page.

2. Fees and effort to add new language pack. E.g. Sanskrit, assuming that expert in the language is willing to help.

3. Support package (please detail available options)

Best regards, Ron ronc@ieee.org

, Inline vs phonetic keyboard layout, 2008/10/09 05:17

Hi, I am just looking into the use of the keyboard for my site which is to be developed. I was looking on Indian languages and in demo, I just see an inline keyboard layout. Does this keyboard has phonetic layout also. Ofcourse I wouls like to know the commercial rate also. Thanks,

Sunil Jain sunilkjain@yahoo.com

To whom it may concern,

I am investigating a number of open source JavaScript virtual keyboards. I came across your site and I have a question regarding the cost to remove the copyright notice link.


, 2009/01/20 12:45

Replied by the email.

, cost of comercial license., 2009/01/29 07:39

I would like to try it in one of my projects; could you tell me how much it cost to buy the source without copyright?

, 2009/01/29 13:50

Replied by email.

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